Jimmy Fallon Ribs Young Voters Polling for Biden Over Trump: ‘We’d Rather Have President Mid Than President Sus’ | Video

The NBC host also had some suggestions about the possible Paramount Global and Warner Bros. Discovery merger

Jimmy Fallon had some fun with Gen Z slang on Thursday night while discussing a recent poll that found younger voters prefer Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

“Young voters are basically like we’d rather have President Mid than President Sus,” Fallon said before adding, “No cap.”

The poll in question came from Economist/YouGov and asked whether registered voters would support Democratic President Joe Biden or Republican hopeful Donald Trump during the 2024 election. The poll was conducted from web-based interviews that took place from Dec. 16 to 18 and targeted registered voters under the age of 30. Of those surveyed, more than half (53%) said they would support Biden and less than a quarter (24%) said they would support Trump.

As for the remaining people polled, 10% said they would support another candidate, 4% were unsure who they would support and 9% said they do not plan on voting.

Fallon spent the remainder of his opening monologue Thursday night riffing on possible collaborations between Paramount Global and Warner Bros. Discovery and giving a member of his studio audience an ugly Christmas sweater. On Wednesday it was reported that the two Hollywood powerhouses were in talks to merge. As far as Fallon is concerned, that could pave the way for some fun crossovers.

For example, Fallon said a crossover between Warner Bros.’s “Magic Mike” and Paramount’s “A Quiet Place” could be called “Super Awkward Strip Club.” Similarly, the late night host joked that a crossover between “Top Gun” and “The Hangover” could be “A Day in the Life of a Spirit Airlines Pilot” and that a crossover between “A Christmas Story” and “Love Story” could be called “Hallmark’s Entire Business Model.”


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