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Dennis Rodman Offers Prisoner Swap on North Korea: ‘Take Me!’ (Video)

Cuomo questioned the former NBA star over his visits to the basketball-friendly dictatorship

Dennis Rodman made an unusual offer to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Friday, who took the former basketball star to task for his advocacy of North Korea in an interview at a rehabilitation facility where Rodman was being treated for alcoholism.

Cuomo held the former NBA star’s feet to the fire about whether he owed the family of American prisoner Kenneth Bae, who is currently being held in North Korea, an apology.

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“You know, your words meant a lot to them then in a hurtful way,” Cuomo pressed. “Maybe now there’s some healing for you to do. Something you want to say to them?”

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“I don’t know anything about the guy Kenneth Bae. I know nothing about him. I didn’t know who he was,” Rodman protested, referring to the imprisoned American missionary. “Like I said, I will do anything, literally, anything — this is Dennis Rodman talking — if they say, ‘We’ll take Dennis Rodman and let Kenneth Bae go,’ straightaway. Take me!”

“Now that offer is very generous,” Cuomo interjected. “When I go to North Korea with you I will say, ‘take him and let Kenneth Bae go.'”

Watch Rodman’s interview with Cuomo below: