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Chris Dodd Renews MPAA Contract to 2018

Former senator will continue as chairman and CEO for another three years

The MPAA announced Friday that they have renewed the contract of chairman and CEO Chris Dodd through 2018.

Dodd, a former U.S. Senator from Connecticut, has served as the head of the Motion Picture Association of America, since 2011.

“I am grateful to our member companies for their continued support,” Dodd said in a press release. “This is an exciting time of almost unparalleled creativity and innovation in film and television and I look forward to continuing to promote and protect that creativity, and the jobs of the men and women who go to work in this industry every day.”

The MPAA is comprised of the six major Hollywood studios: Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

The heads of the studios said in a joint statement: “We are pleased to announce that Chris has agreed to extend his contract into 2018. He has been an impactful leader and a vigorous champion for the industry. We are confident he will continue to effectively help steer our interests through a challenging media and policy landscape and represent our member companies around the globe.”

Dodd, in his role as the chief lobbyist for the trade organization, recently called on Congress to enact changes to the U.S. Copyright Office.

“What we need right now is not necessarily changes in the video-related provisions of domestic copyright law, but collaboration among government, the private sector, civil society and the public to make sure we have a stable and secure Internet that promotes healthy creativity, commerce and discourse online,” Dodd wrote in a letter to the House Judiciary Committee.

He also said he was open to changes within the MPAA in light of the hack attack that crippled Sony Pictures and caused the leak of thousands of confidential emails.