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Chris Evans Leads Train Uprising in Futuristic ‘Snowpiercer’ First Trailer

There is no way that Captain America was gonna stand by and let this segregation happen

Are you a "front" or a "tail"? The trailer for Bong Joon-ho's upcoming train uprising thriller "Snowpiercer" was released Wednesday, and it insists you keep your place.

The sci-fi film is set in a 2031 ice age caused by a failed experiment to stop global warming. The survivors live on a train called, naturally, Snowpiercer, which has its own highly segregated caste system.

The "fronts" are the richies; the "tails" are the dirty, poor folk who are required sit at the back of the train. The only way to stay alive is for the train to stay in perpetual motion, but living in the caboose is no life at all.

"If you control the engine, you control the world," star (and "tail") Chris Evans says. And now it's high time for Evans and company to take over said engine.

Warning, passengers: People are going to die.

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The film also stars Ed Harris and Tilda Swinton, whose character does not look like a nice person.

Here's the trailer.

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