Chris Hayes Trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Call for ‘Jewish Space Lasers at the Border: ‘This Is the Republican Caucus’ | Video

The MSNBC host adds that “MTG 2.0” has apparently shed her attempt at governing as a “more sophisticated lawmaker”

Chris Hayes took Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to task Thursday night while he discussed her recent amendments to aid packages for Ukraine and Israel that are making their way through the House. After he shared Taylor’s call for “Jewish space lasers” at the US-Mexico border, he threw his hands in the air and said, “Yeah, I don’t know, but that’s right: she is back to the Jewish space lasers. This is the Republican caucus, ladies and gentleman.”

“They created Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. They created the situation, and now they’re at war with each other,” Hayes added.

The MSNBC host was referencing Greene’s tweet from Wednesday night on the topic. She wrote, “Israel has some of the best unmanned defense systems in the world. I’ve previously voted to fund space lasers for Israel’s defense. America needs to take our national security seriously and deserves the same type of defense for our border that Israel has and proudly uses.”

In 2021, Media Matters shared a since-deleted Facebook post Greene penned in 2018 in which she concluded that the Rothschilds, a wealthy Jewish family frequently mentioned by Nazis and other racist groups worked with PG&E and the government of California to intentionally cause wildfires using A laser from space… in order to clear out land for a high speed rail line.

In other words… it’s 2024, and apparently MTG is still going to be MTG.

Elsewhere in the segment, Hayes said that “MTG 2.0” no longer appears intent on rebranding into a “more sophisticated lawmaker.”

He explained for a brief moment, it seemed Greene hoped to be “the kind [of legislator] who wields her influence in a more strategic fashion.” Hayes pointed to Greene’s support for Kevin McCarthy ahead of his ousting as Speaker of the House as evidence of “the newer, savvier MTG staying inside the Republican tent and governing, damnit.”

Alas, this is no more. As made clear by the footage Hayes played of Greene referring to current Speaker Johnson as a “mini tyrant” and “the Democrat Speaker of the House.”

“Ah, there she is,” Hayes concluded fondly before he more seriously added, “Greene has filed a motion to vacate the Speaker’s office because arch-conservative Republican Speaker Mike Johnson isn’t conservative enough for her.”

Watch the segment in the video above.


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