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Chris Matthews Blames Donald Trump After Saying ‘Sh-t’ on Air

”Hardball“ host apologizes amply after telling former New Hampshire governor John Sununu, ”You know your sh-t“

Chris Matthews went into a commercial break apologetically during MSNBC’s pre-debate coverage on Thursday night after accidentally uttering the word “shit” on the air.

While teeing up a commercial break, Matthews asked his guest, John Sununu, to make a return appearance, telling the former New Hampshire governor, “Please come back. You’re kind of cranky, but you know your shit.”

The “Hardball” host was more red-faced than usual, immediately recovering by saying, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that word,” as Sununu and MSNBC contributor Howard Fineman guffawed. But Matthews had a perfectly reasonable excuse for the expletive.

“That was a Trump word,” he said as the commercial bump music began playing … “I gotta say I was sorry for that word, I really mean it. I heard Trump just say it — it’s a bad — I’m sorry.” Then the director finally, mercifully cut his mic.

Matthews has mined the GOP presidential candidate for plenty of material this election season, having most recently mocked the Iowa Republican debate after Trump’s announcement that he’d be skipping the affair. “Who is going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys?” he asked on “Hardball” as the news broke.

In December, Matthews grilled Donald Trump over the billionaire’s birther crusade against President Obama, telling him it’s his “original sin.”