Chris Pratt’s ‘The Tomorrow War’ Panned as ‘Garbage Pizza’ and ‘Starship Troopers for Dummies’ by Critics

Time-travel sci-fi is largely dismissed as boring popcorn fodder, with some Twitter users skeptical about its quality

The Tomorrow War Chris Pratt
Amazon Studios

Chris Pratt’s latest ode to his inner “action star,” Amazon Prime’s “The Tomorrow War,” is fighting its own battle with critics, who decry it as everything from “the garbage pizza of science-fiction films” to a “mediocre straight white savior fantasy in which the protagonist is…f—ing stupid.”

“The Tomorrow War” made its debut on Amazon Prime on Friday and is currently sitting at a lukewarm 53% among critics on Rotten Tomatoes, with the audience review topping off at a more positive 80%. The Globe and Mail’s Barry Hertz calls it “Starship Troopers for dummies,” adding, “If I had a time machine, I’d punt myself to the past just before ‘The Tomorrow War’ went into production, and save everyone the trouble,” while Brian Lowry of CNN admits the picture has a “certain appeal,” “but strands its star in a pretty uninspired time and place.”

Despite the fragmented reception, “The Tomorrow War” has audiences watching it in droves, all for their own subjective reasons, which led to some clever, funny and constructive reactions.

The time-travel movie, which Amazon reportedly shelled out around $200M to stream, the film follows Pratt’s Dan Forester as he fights to save humanity after soldiers from the future appear with the urgent message that Earth’s population is being destroyed by an alien invasion in 2051.

For those left stumped by the film’s techie plot, Twitter user Dean Sorenmann offered up a simple summation that may drive more people to watch the movie.

Meanwhile, James Rossiter scolds the picture for not even correctly pronouncing it’s scientific jargon.

User t1gerlilly was similarly not impressed, criticizing “The Tomorrow War” for being another brainless “mediocre straight white male savior fantasy.”

Toby was so gobsmacked by the movie that he could only express himself with that old communicative social media standby, the gif.

Naturally, in an alien invasion film, the intergalactic beasts typically take center stage, but the complex CGI effects didn’t impress Kat Rosenfield this time around.

Poster Critical Nostalgia had to resort to a comic panel to express his complicated feelings on the matter.

Movie? What movie? Drunk in a Graveyard was entranced by the bulging muscles of popular character actor J.K. Simmons — the man is 66 years-old.

Brendan Hodges expressed disappointment in the film’s lack of big-screen quality, despite its hefty price tag.

According to Ryan Bordow, there are Three Stages to Watching “The Tomorrow War,” and they’re not pleasant.

And finally, let it be known that if you watched and enjoyed “The Tomorrow War,” TheUnknownCritic won’t be afraid to judge you. And he will judge you hard.


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