Chris Wallace Asks Brian Cox to Tell Him to ‘F- Off’ Like His ‘Succession’ Character Would (Video)

The former Fox News host also pressed the actor on the HBO drama’s ties to Rupert Murdoch and his family

Chris Wallace, being the “Succession” fan that he is, asked his “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” guest, Brian Cox, to grace him with his signature line from the show – meaning, the newsman wanted to be told to “f— off.”

“Your line is, and I’d rather have you say it than me,” Wallace began, only for Cox to quickly jump in with his “Succession” character’s infamous signature line, “F— off.”

“I kinda hoped that before this interview is over you’ll say it to me,” Wallace responded slyly.

Check out their conversation in the video at the top.

Ahead of the final season of the HBO drama series, which premieres March 26, Wallace also pressed Cox on his strong feelings that the Roy family is not based on media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his family, which Cox confirmed, saying, “I reject it entirely.”

“But as someone who spent 18 years working at Fox, I’m gonna put up the scene which I think cuts a little close to the bone on that subject,” Wallace shot back before playing a clip of a heated interaction between Logan Roy (Cox) and his son, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), in which the father and son wrestle with where morals intersect with business, if they do at all.

“You don’t hear any echoes of the Murdochs there?” Wallace asked.

“Well,” Cox responded, “there’s the echo of anybody who is in that position, a position where they’re running an empire … the big difference between Murdoch and Logan is Logan created his empire [while] Murdoch’s Empire was already in place, and he just took it forward.”

“You mean he inherited it from … his father,” Wallace interjected.

Cox continued on by exploring his rigid character’s humanity, noting that while Kendall might say his father is evil due to his own bias or view, Logan doesn’t believe he has malicious intentions.

“I think that Logan is, in many ways, saying ‘these are my rules, and these are what I do,’ but there’s also, again, the mystery element is where is Logan coming from?” Cox said. “He’s actually coming from somewhere, I think, a place of profound disappointment, and profound disappointment in the human experiment. I think he feels very, very badly let down.”

Chris Wallace’s interview with Brian Cox on “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace” is now streaming on HBO Max.