Chrissy Teigen Rips VH1 for Calling Her a ‘Hypocrite’: ‘One Could Say You Are Bullying Me’

The outlet called the model a “hypocrite,” which Teigen didn’t take lightly

Chrissy Teigen hasn’t taken VH1’s comments that she is “a hypocrite” lightly, and responded on Twitter this week.

“Defending myself is being a hypocrite?” the “Lip Sync Battle” host wrote on the social media site Thursday. “I have never once randomly sought out someone out to attack.”

Teigen went on to call out the outlet for saying that she lets negative “shit” get to her. It is not clear what VH1 actually wrote in their article titled, “Chrissy Teigen Is Twitter’s Biggest Hypocrite,” because the page now says, “Article Not Found.”

However, a sentence still visible on Google says: “Chrissy Teigen is pissed as all shit at faceless Twitter trolls going in on her, her life and her marriage. It’s understandable. But adding fuel to the fire isn’t.”

“Do you think that when you become a celebrity, someone poofs dust into your face and all your emotions are done away with?” added Teigen. “One could say you are bullying me in a vulnerable moment where I am clearly upset. But I don’t use that word so lightly.”

In another tweet, she said wrote, “Why don’t you stop policing people’s emotions and learn what a hypocrite is.”

Teigen is known for being extremely vocal on the social media platform. She made headlines in November when she called Donald Trump a “twat” on Twitter. Teigen also engaged in a full-scale Twitter feud with one particular user after expressing her support for Planned Parenthood following the deadly shooting in Colorado on Friday that left three dead.

Read all of her tweets on the subject below.