Cineverse Partners With Nielsen’s Gracenote to Expand AI Film and TV Streaming Assistant | Exclusive

The previously announced Cinesearch tool leverages a chatbot named Ava and will be unveiled this spring

Cineverse Cinesearch exclusive
Cinesearch’s Ava chatbot (Credit: Cineverse)

Streaming technology and entertainment platform Cineverse is partnering with Gracenote, a Nielsen metadata solution company, on the launch of its AI-powered search platform, Cinesearch.

The previously announced Cinesearch tool, due to drop spring 2024, will offer a single unified search and recommendation engine with extensive support for dozens of traits such as mood, theme, tone, intensity, setting, keyword, plot and micro-genre. For example, using Cinesearch, a viewer who’s in the mood for a dark romantic comedy set in Australia can receive the most fitting content recommendations and be connected to those options on Cineverse and over 60 additional major video streaming services for seamless viewing.    

The deal with Gracenote will see Cinesearch leverage the firm’s comprehensive TV and movie datasets in real time – including complete title information such as synopsis, genre, cast, director and other product information. The platform will recommend films and TV shows available anywhere through a chatbot assistant named Ava (pictured above).

According to Nielsen’s State of Play report, American consumers, who have more than 2.7 million video titles to choose from, spend more than 10 minutes per session looking for what to watch, up 40% since 2019. About 20% give up when they can’t easily find something to watch.

Cinesearch was developed using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI search. The technology was built as an adaptive layer on top of thePaLM 2 Large Language Model (LLM), using PaLM 2 and Google Cloud’s generative AI infrastructure to bring an innovative, conversational experience for those seeking advice on what to watch.

“Our partnership with Gracenote increases the number of films and TV shows that are discoverable by users and allows us to offer Cinesearch users the highest-quality title information with intensity rankings – when paired with a user’s viewing history, streaming service filters and content preferences – will help solve a major consumer issue and the leading cause of viewer frustration,” Cineverse chief operating and technology officer Tony Huidor said in a statement.

“With our previously announced partnership with Google Cloud in place and now with the participation of Gracenote in this endeavor,” he continued, “we are on course to unveil what we believe will be the most powerful search and discovery tool in streaming.”

Gracenote’s metadata catalog also covers content in a wide number of foreign languages, giving Cinesearch a clear path to international expansion and availability across multiple territories.

“AI-based personalization holds massive potential to improve streaming by helping individual viewers find and watch the content they’re most likely to love — from familiar hits to hidden gems,” Gracenote chief product officer Trent Wheeler said. “Key to great technology is a broad understanding of the universe of content made possible by metadata. We’re pleased that Cineverse has tapped Gracenote’s entertainment data to power the Cinesearch platform and look forward to seeing how Ava will revolutionize the search and discovery experience for content providers, creators and consumers alike.”


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