CNN Analyst Calls Coverage of Trump’s Latest Speeches an ‘Incipient Disaster’

Bill Carter says it’s necessary to have accountability “for the most lawless admin in US history”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump speaks at the New Hampshire Republican State Committee's Annual Meeting in January 2023 (Getty Images)

CNN analyst Bill Carter called out the lack of press coverage of Donald Trump’s recent speeches as “an incipient disaster,” noting that it fails to hold the “most lawless admin in US history” accountable.

“To have ZERO accountability for the most lawless Admin in US history, one that plotted a COUP for pity’s sake, is both a massive fail and an incipient disaster,” Carter wrote on Twitter Sunday.

Carter shared his agreement with neoconservative writer and commentator Bill Kristol, who currently serves as editor-at-large of the political analysis site The Bulwark and has been outspoken about his disapproval of the former president.

“Coverage I’ve seen of Trump campaign trip is all 2024 horserace,” Kristol tweeted. “Jan. 6 not mentioned. Understandable but suggests the price we’ve paid for no indictments, no trial, no real reckoning for Jan. 6. Trump treated as normal candidate, not a president who tried to subvert an election.”

As Trump hit the campaign trail this weekend in New Hampshire and South Carolina, he introduced his leadership team to supporters and said he is “more angry” and “more committed” to winning the 2024 presidential race.

“The 2024 election is our one shot to save our country, and we need a leader who is ready to do that on day one,” Trump said at the South Carolina State House according to CBS, claiming that he is the best candidate in the race as President Joe Biden has “brought us to the brink of world war three.”

In his speech, Trump suggested that he would end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine within the first 24 hours of his term while continuing to spew misinformation about the 2020 election that he lost to Biden, falsely claiming that he “won two general elections.”