Colbert Offers a ‘Calendar Song’ Learning Aid to Marjorie Taylor Greene After Her June 31 Gaffe (Video)

Colbert jokes that Taylor Greene thinks “Antifa had May destroyed”

colbert marjorie taylor greene

Stephen Colbert couldn’t resist poking fun at Marjorie Taylor Greene’s recent gaffe where she mistakenly said there were 31 days in June, and created a cheeky song about the calendar to mock how he thinks she sees the months.

Taylor Greene had previously very publicly goofed up when she demanded President Biden’s administration release information related to the spread of the coronavirus “by June 31, 2021.” Specifically, Taylor Greene was asking Biden to start an investigation into chief presidential medical advisor Anthony Fauci, who she (wrongly) believes has a “potential involvement in the cover-up of the origins of the China virus.”

Yes, she called coronavirus the “China virus,” a term she borrowed from former President Trump who used it copiously when the pandemic broke out.

The two politicians are ill-advised in doing this: the WHO warned against conflating disease with ethnic groups back in 2015 when it issued guidance about not naming outbreaks after geographic locations. In February, former Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar elaborated on this and said in a congressional hearing, “ethnicity is not what causes the coronavirus.”

Besides being inaccurate, connotating any ethnic or racial group with the spread of a disease can also be dangerous — an ABC News study found that a direct link to Trump’s “China/Chinese Virus” comments and the rise of anti-Asian racism on social media.

June 31, of course, isn’t a real day so it’s fair to say Biden can go ahead and ignore that imaginary deadline. June has always had 30 days, something most people who were taught via the age-old poem “30 days have September, April, June and November/ all the rest have 31/Except February alone/ Which only has but 28 days clear/ And 29 in each leap year” when they were kids.

Did Marjorie Taylor Greene forget about this classic adage, or just decide to make up another falsehood to add to her growing list of conspiracy theory-fueled claims (see Jewish Space Lasers and the 2020 election being “stolen) from Trump)? It’s unclear, but Colbert decided to parody that famous tune to create what he called “Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Calendar Song,” where he mocked Greene and suggested she thinks there’s a “secret month” called “Augustovember” that has 42 days.

The lyrics to “Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Calendar Song” are as follows:

“30 days hath December, March, October and remember, all the rest have 31.

Plus June if you’re in Q-Anon. One more time!

There is a secret month, Augustovember, April is a Satanic member

Antifa had May destroyed — these are facts, I’m not paranoid.”

Check out the full bit in the video below.


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