Colbert’s ‘Claymation Christmas Special’ Isn’t Quite a Holiday Classic (Video)

CBS “Late Show” learns it should stick to “Peanuts”-style animation

On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert and “The Late Show” cranked out a charming and humorous cold-open ode to Charlie Brown. The following night, they followed up with a claymation Christmas special, which taught everyone a lesson about old-school production constraints and deadlines.

The joke of the sketch was how crappy the whole effort turned out, so don’t yell at TheWrap for pointing out the obvious.

As block-of-clay-with-a-beard St. Nick put it: “Santa didn’t realize how much time it took to do stop-motion animation, but he does understand the commitment to CBS for a novelty holiday special.”

This year, the half-crafted kids get a ball and a snake from the Christmas hero — because those are pretty much the quickest and easiest things to create out of some leftover green Play-Doh.

Watch the video above.