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Colbert Jokes About Joe Biden’s Annual Physical Exam: The President ‘Tested Positive for Old AF’ (Video)

”Biden is the oldest president ever, setting a new record every day,“ says Colbert

“Healthy,” “vigorous,” and “fit to serve” were some of the words President Joe Biden’s physician used to describe history’s oldest president after a routine exam Thursday. But Stephen Colbert noted that some of the results aren’t in yet.

“Now, here’s the thing,” Colbert said. “We don’t have the full results yet, but we do know the president tested positive for ‘old af.'”

Biden went in for his annual physical earlier in the day at Walter Reed Hospital. He had a small lesion on his chest that was removed for a biopsy; the results are still pending. The president also had exams that showed his head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat were normal.

Colbert poked fun at Biden and said, “[He] is the oldest president ever, setting a new record every morning.”

“That’s impressive,” Colbert added. “Every day, he wakes up as a guy with a Genius Book with a plaque that reads ‘Still Alive.'”

Colbert said age is just a number, but Biden’s is important because he’s expected to announce a re-election bid soon.

“His advisors has a plan to keep him looking spry,” Colbert said. “Reportedly, they want to focus on events that play up the president’s vitality, which is why Biden will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Shamble Palooza, sponsored by velcro shoes.”

To watch Colbert’s full monologue, click the video above.