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Colbert Cringes at Biden’s Weirdly Sexual Debt Ceiling Talk: ‘Nobody Wants to See an 80-Year-Old’s Fiscal Package’ (Video)

Republicans and Democrats at odds at debt ceiling deadline looms

President Joe Biden met with House speaker Kevin McCarthy Tuesday to discuss the debt ceiling, as the House Republicans continue their threats to force the U.S. to default on its debt obligations as a negotiating tactic.

After the meeting, Biden and McCarthy said they had a good talk, but no agreement was made. All anodyne stuff — aside from the looming threat of economic catastrophe caused by what amounts to an economic hostage crisis. But President Biden’s phrasing while talking about the matter wasn’t so anodyne, and it made Stephen Colbert cringe during his “Late Show” monologue on Tuesday.

“Show me your budget, and I’ll show you mine,” Biden said leading up to his meeting with McCarthy.

Colbert held his hand up to the camera and gave some advice to Biden.

“Whoa, hold on,” Colbert said. “Cool it down, Mr. President. Nobody wants to see an 80-year-old’s fiscal package.”

Colbert then laid into Republicans, pointing out that they are attempting to make Democrats choose between economic catastrophe and slashing popular social safety net programs. As the audience booed the idea, Colbert jokingly said conservatives plan to cut other popular things.

“As you can see, it’s not clear why they would cut programs everybody loves the most,” Colbert said. “That seems unpopular. Next up, House Resolution 302: Make Channing Tatum Wear a Shirt.”

Colbert said it must have taken a lot of courage for Republicans to come up with ideas to cut popular programs. He said that’ll quickly disappear since former President Trump is opposed to Republicans doing so. Colbert said there’s a new headline that will come from that.

“Florida Retiree Says, ‘Hands Off My Government Check,'” Colbert said, showing a picture of Trump wearing his infamous “Make America Great Again” hat.

To see the full monologue, click the video above.