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Colbert Roasts Tucker Carlson’s Trump ‘Hate’ With Lying ‘Sesame Street’ Cookie Monster (Video)

Colbert’s cold open declares both Carlson and the famous Muppet are ”monsters who lie on TV“

Thanks to court documents released in recent weeks as part of the billion defamation suit against Fox News by Dominion Voting Systems, we now know that the network’s top host, Tucker Carlson, apparently hates Donald Trump.

That comes in stark contrast to Carlson’s public support for Trump, and for Trump’s lies that the 2020 election was stolen from him. And Stephen Colbert roasted Carlson for his hypocritical stance in his cold open on Wednesday night.

A quick catch up: Documents released as part of the Dominion lawsuit contain text messages Tucker Carlson sent in Jan. 2021 telling another Fox News personality “I hate him passionately,” referring to Donald Trump. It’s just one of dozens of highly embarrassing revelations about Fox News to emerge from the trial.

Per usual, the cold open started with news clips reporting the text message thread from Carlson which included him saying, “I hate him passionately,” about Trump.

Next was a video of what it would look like if another tv personality behaved as hypocritically as Carlson. For some reason, Colbert picked Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street,” not that we’re complaining. So it is that the clip saw this version of Cookie Monster singing a song about how much he hates cookies. Which, obviously, would be a huge lie.

Here are the lyrics:

“C is for cookie, I hate passionately.”

“C is for cat poop, that’s how they taste to me.

“C is for Carlson, see both Tucker and me are monsters who lie to stay on tv.”

Watch the full clip above.