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Colbert: Veterans Debacle Finally a ‘Real Scandal!!!’ for Obama (Video)

”Folks, I have waited so long“

Stephen Colbert couldn’t be happier about the news that military veterans are being subjected to endless wait times at Veterans Affairs hospitals, that VA officials are accused of falsifying documents, to hide the delays, and that the Bush Administration warned President Obama of the problems.

As the mock-conservative commentator explained on Thursday’s “Colbert Report,” it’s all great news: Because Obama finally has a legitimate scandal.

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“Folks, I have waited so long,” Colbert said. “I know I’ve cried wolf before with Benghazi and the IRS and the AP and Fast and Furious and Solyndra and Obama’s uncle and Obama’s aunt and Obama’s birth certificate. I even cried wolf about the secret White House wolf. But this one is different. It’s backed up by eyewitnesses and documents and the betrayal of sick veterans. It’s like Christmas morning.”

Assisted by a chyron announcing “Real Scandal!!!,” Colbert giddily ordered a balloon drop, though not a ticker tape parade. We’ll let him explain why.

Watch the video: