Joel McHale Wants NC-17 Rated ‘Community’ Movie With ‘Swordplay’ (Video)

“I’d like everyone to wear denim,” the NBC sitcom star told TheWrap at PaleyFest

As buzz builds for a feature based on NBC’s “Community,” series star Joel McHale has some crazy ideas on what he’d like to see happen on the big screen.

“Sword play … I would like to use the Vomit Comet at some point … I would like it to be NC-17,” McHale told TheWrap Wednesday at PaleyFest.

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McHale took a page from showrunner Dan Harmon‘s playbook, coming up with increasingly ridiculous scenarios for the cast should the series “Six Seasons and a Movie” mantra come true.

“I’d like everyone to wear denim,” McHale deadpanned. He’s also like to recreate a very elaborate scene from a classic war film.

Which war movie? Watch the video below to find out: