‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Might Be Ending With Season 12

Larry David may be finally calling it quits for good

Larry David in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (HBO)

While “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fans rejoiced at the news that Larry David was making a 12th season of the HBO comedy series, they may want to savor the episodes once they drop. The show might be coming to an end after this next season.

“Curb” writer and producer Jon Hayman shared a tweet (which has since been deleted) in which he captured a photo of David “shooting the last scene of the last episode of the final season” of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Richard Lewis, who returned for Season 12 after a health-related absence from Season 11 save for one episode, similarly tweeted “goodbye” sentiments last week, saying it was “hard to believe” they started the show in 2000.

HBO declined to comment.

“Curb” launched in 2000 as the brainchild of David, with the “Seinfeld” co-creator playing an exaggerated version of himself. But after consistent new seasons every two years or so, David took a break from “Curb” after Season 8. HBO expressed that David was welcome to come back and make another season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” whenever he felt like it, and Season 9 premiered in 2017, six years later.

To that end, while David may be crafting Season 12 as the final season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” there’s always the possibility that inspiration strikes and he returns for more.

Throughout its tenure, the show has received 51 Primetime Emmy Nominations, including 10 for Best Comedy Series. It has only won twice, for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series in 2003 and Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series in 2012.

The most recent season, which aired in 2021, featured guest turns by Bill Hader, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen, Woody Harrelson and Dylan O’Brien, plus a memorable recurring role from Tracy Ullman.