Richard Lewis Returns for 12th Season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ After Health-Related Absence

The comedian, who appeared in just one episode last season, tweeted that he is filming Season 12 now

richard lewis on curb your enthusiasm (HBO)

Comedian Richard Lewis tweeted a surprise for fans: He is returning to the long-running “Curb Your Enthusiasm” after sitting out most of Season 11.

“I’m back shooting Curb!,” the 75-year-old Lewis posted. “I’m a lucky cat to be with my oldest pal who just so happens to be a genius. Don’t tell him I called him that or he’ll mock me to my grave. A 22 year ride so far!”

The tweet was accompanied by a shot of Lewis with that “oldest pal” — series creator and star Larry David.

The Brooklyn-born Lewis and David famously met at summer camp when they were 12 years old, but disliked each other, then reunited on the standup comedy circuit in their 20s.

HBO in August renewed the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning comedy created by David for a 12th season. David was also a driving force behind the 1990s megahit “Seinfeld.”

Lewis, who has played a fictionalized version of himself on “Curb” since its premiere in 2001, appeared in just one episode in of the 11th season due to health issues. He said last year he had back and shoulder surgeries that prevented him from filming.

He made an appearance, however, in the season finale, appearing in a crowd scene bickering with David’s character. And last year, he told GQ that he hoped the show would come back for at least one more season so he could play a larger part.

Lewis did not offer specifics in his tweet on how many episodes he will be shooting for Season 12.

It’s also unclear when the season will air on HBO, as David’s deal with the network allows him to film on his own schedule. While the series’ official site touts the renewal, the trailer that appears there is for the 11th season – and includes a few seconds of Lewis’ only appearance.

The comedy series focuses on the seemingly trivial details of life and how minor problems, like a cold cup of coffee or stained shirt, can send a day off the rails. But unique in sitcoms, “Curb” is shot without a script. Cast members are given scene outlines and must improvise lines as they go, which lends a spontaneous air to the series.

David executive produces “Curb” with his series co-star Jeff Garlin, as well as Jeff Schaffer and Gavin Polone. Laura Streicher co-executive produces, with Jon Hayman as the consulting producer. “Curb” also features Susie Essman, Cheryl Hines, J.B. Smoove, Ted Danson and Vince Vaughn.