‘The Daily Show’: Michael Kosta Shoots Down ‘Stupid Conspiracy Theory’ Biden Will Debate With Performance Enhancing Drugs | Video

The Comedy Central host called the President “the strongest man alive” if he could handle “even half of what they’re saying”

“The Daily Show” correspondent and occasional host Michael Kosta isn’t buying some Republicans’ theory that President Joe Biden will win the debate against Donald Trump by using performance-enhancing drugs.

“At this point, the Republican talking point is that if Biden does well, he’s taking performance-enhancing drugs, which is such a stupid conspiracy theory,” Kosta said Monday night. “First off, if Biden’s body could handle even half of what they’re saying, he’s the strongest man alive. He’ll win the presidency and the Kentucky Derby.”

The late night host then likened conservative media “wildly speculating that the President is on drugs” to “my friend’s group chat about Justin Timberlake.”

Prior to mocking the conspiracy theory, “The Daily Show” played a series of clips from Fox News during which talking heads and guests such as Sean Hannity and Kellyanne Conway accused Biden of taking everything from Red Bull and Excedrin with caffeine to Adderall and Ritalin. Kosta ended the montage by playing a clip from a Trump rally where the former president asked, “What ever happened to all that cocaine that was missing a month ago?”

The Comedy Central host explained these accusations are a preemptive measure if Biden does win the upcoming debate with Trump on Thursday.

“Right now, Trump is saying that Biden is worth debater, but don’t forget for the past three and a half years he’s been saying that Biden is a demented moron with the brain power of a ‘Love Island’ contestant,” Kosta said. “So how are Republicans going to explain it if a guy they say has Jello-o for brains really does beat Trump?”

The other reason why Kosta called the conspiracy theory “stupid” has to do with Trump himself. In the same speech where he claimed that Biden was mentally incapacitated, Trump used the word “refuttal.”

“I don’t know what fake word you’re trying to say,” Kosta said. “This dude’s entire brain is just squiggly red spell check lines, and then his mouth tries to ‘refuttal’ any thought he has.”

The first of two debates between Biden and Trump will take place on Thursday and will be available to watch at CNN starting at 9 p.m. ET.


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