‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Jordan Klepper Grills Mike Lindell on Ongoing Election Fraud Lies: ‘Is This Helping?’

“You guys are horrible,” responded the MyPillow founder and CEO

mike lindell
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“The Daily Show” on Thursday night showed correspondent Jordan Klepper doing what he does best: Grilling conservatives at big events. He even caught up with MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell himself to ask about the entrepreneur’s continued and baseless insistence that there was voter fraud in the 2020 election and former president Donald Trump will be reinstated in August.

At a “MAGA Frank” rally hosted by Lindell in Wisconsin last week, Klepper asked, “Is this helping, Mike?”

“What?” asked the media personality, who had been in the middle of outlining what he considers various types of “fraud” from the election. “This here is helping. I already have the evidence. Do you know what this is doing? Do you guys get it?”

Klepper, who is usually removed and sarcastic, replied seriously: “It’s perpetuating anger, fear and attacking our democracy.”

“No, you know what? You are!” said Lindell before plugging his own social media platform, Frank, as a place where people can freely discuss, say, vaccines. They argued back and forth for a while before Lindell said, “You guys are horrible.”

He walked away.

Watch the entire thing below. It does get serious toward the end, but there are plenty of Klepper’s signature gotcha moments at the start.


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