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‘The Daily Show’ Sets George Santos Lies to ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire': ‘9/11, Volleyball, Spider-Man, Dead Dog!’ (Video)

“We’ve only known this guy for like five weeks. How are we already on season 19 of his scandals?” guest host Chelsea Handler said

“The Daily Show” came up with a mnemonic device to remember all the lies Congressman George Santos has been telling.

Guest host Chelsea Handler ended the segment about Santos by chanting a list of Santos fables to part of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel.

“We’ve only known this guy for like five weeks. How are we already on season 19 of his scandals? I feel like I need to put his scandals to ‘We Didn’t start the fire so I can remember them. ‘9/11, volleyball, Spider-Man, dead dog.’

Handler moved right on to Santos after examining the latest with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green. 

“Luckily for MTG we can’t spend the whole show talking about her because she has a coworker who is even more unstable,” Handler began. “I’m talking about the broke millionaire, half Black gay, Jewish volleyball star drag queen George Santos. Believe it or not, his resumé keeps growing.”

“Just this week he’s been accused of groping an aide, and I will say this is the first thing about him that makes him sound like he does belong in Congress,” Handler continued. “Things are really starting to click for him. But before we could even let that sink in we got hit with this other crazy lie.”

Santos’ latest lie involves allegedly telling campaign donors that he produced the Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.” The musical suffered actor injuries, technical difficulties and ultimately did not do well in sales.

“I don’t get this dude. How could he lie so much and not get better at lying?” Handler said. “Why would you pick the most embarrassing Broadway show to lie about? That’s like saying ‘You heard of the Titanic?’ I was the captain.”

“But maybe this guy is smarter than he looks because each new scandal makes you forget about the last one. I’ve already forgotten that he stole money from a dead dog. That’s right, you heard me. He stole from a dog and then ghosted that dog.”