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Daily Show With Jon Stewart: John Kerry Just Mr. Magoo’ed His Way Into Diplomacy (Video)

While Fox Business News’ Stuart Varney calls it a ”humiliating defeat“

It may not have been the smoothest way to go about it, but it looks like Syria will account for and hand over its chemical weapons — and, according to Jon Stewart, it’s all thanks to our own Mr. Magoo-like Secretary of State, John Kerry and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s desire to call his bluff.

Stewart played a clip of Kerry on Monday saying that the only way to avoid a United States military intervention in Syria was if Assad agreed to hand over all of his chemical weapons in the next week. “But he isn’t about to do anything. It can’t be done, obviously,” Kerry shrugged.

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Syria then said it would totally go for that.

“Magoo, you’ve done it again!” Stewart cheered, playing a clip of Mr. Magoo, the nearly blind cartoon character who always manages to stumble into and out of precarious situations without ever actually realizing it.

“Holy shit!” Stewart said. “Syria is taking him up on his dickish offer!”

He added that this seems like a great development in diplomacy and wondered how any “patriot” could have a problem with it.

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Cut to Fox Business News anchor Stuart Varney saying “President Obama has just lead us into a humiliating defeat.”

“Who did we lose to? Sanity?” Stewart wondered.

Watch the video: