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‘Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart, John Oliver Retire Carlos Danger (Video)

The comedians’ favorite candidate is out of the NYC mayoral race

As Anthony Weiner left the New York City mayoral race with one last middle finger standing rigid in the face of primary defeat, the “Daily Show” said farewell to a comedy goldmine.

Jon Stewart summarized Weiner’s election night activities — arriving at a bar to make his concession speech through a McDonald’s, calling himself an “imperfect messenger” in his concession speech, his sextee Sydney Leathers showing up to say hello and, finally, his middle finger to reporters as he drove away into the darkness of a career not in politics — and then threw to John Oliver.

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Oliver said the end of the Weiner campaign was a cliche in American politics: “a hard-fought political campaign ended with a man being chased through a McDonald’s to avoid his amateur porn star virtual mistress stalker before bidding the media a hearty ‘fuck you.'”

“It’s a dance as old as time.”

With that, Oliver and Stewart did their own dance to Mystikal’s “Danger,” in honor of Weiner’s online alias, “Carlos Danger.”

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It should be noted that Oliver did so only under duress, saying that making fun of Weiner just wasn’t the same since he lost the race and became a truly “pathetic individual.”

Watch the video: