Jon Stewart Thanks Trump for Taking Time From ‘Your Condomless Porn Star Hush Money Trial’ to Shame Jews | Video

The “Daily Show” host was then shamed by his correspondents in a callback to a viral moment from the Comedy Central show

One person is grateful to Donald Trump for his recent comments about Jewish people who support Joe Biden: Jon Stewart. The late night host said as much while hosting a rare Thursday night episode of “The Daily Show.”

“What Biden is doing with respect to Israel is disgraceful,” Trump said on Thursday. “If any Jewish person voted for Joe Biden, they should be ashamed of themselves.”

“My apologies to you, rabbi,” Stewart said on Comedy Central. “Thank you so much for taking time off of your condomless porn star hush money trial to deliver a shame lecture to Jews. I will reflect on your moral standing next Yom Kippur.”

Stewart then asked the former president what he thought of “a Jew who might vote for him twice?” In a callback to a viral moment from Stewart’s previous tenure, Stewart was immediately surrounded by “Daily Show” correspondents Michael Costa, Josh Johnson and Troy Iwata, who screamed “Shame” at him.

“First of all,” Stewart said, trying to hold back his laughter as the onslaught of “Shame” screams concluded. “American Jews are American. We do not have dual loyalties or citizenship. There’s nothing for us to be ashamed of.”

“That’s not what Donald Trump says,” Costa fired back. “Donald Trump says you should be ashamed!”

That one word then sparked another round of “shame” choruses.

“Also, you should have been a doctor,” Iwata added, looking at Stewart in disgust.

“Guys, this is making me very uncomfortable,” Stewart said.

“Why? Donald Trump is just saying that there are good Jews, and there are bad Jews, and we need to start identifying the bad Jews,” Costa said as Stewart looked into the camera at a loss for words. He then yelled for his staff to “get out of here.” That’s when Ronny Chieng stepped in to scream “shame” in Stewart’s face.

“So Ronny, we already did the Israel shame bit,” Stewart said.

“No, I was talking about ‘Death to Smoochy,’” Chieng said, referring to the 2002 Robin Williams movie that also starred Stewart. “I spent 10 bucks on that movie. Shame!”

Watch the full video above.


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