‘The Daily Show’: Trump Indictment Protesters in New York Defend Infidelity, Debate Election Loss (Video)

The former president previously told his supporters to “take our nation back” ahead of his possible arrest – but only a handful actually showed up to protest

“The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper spoke with a handful of Trump supporters who went to a protest in Manhattan for the former president.

Trump, who is currently waiting to find out whether he will potentially be indicted and arrested for a hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, called on his supporters to protest on Tuesday and “take our nation back.” But police estimated that between three and six people ended up showing up.

Klepper noted that, while the number of attendees were low, the “arguments over some basic facts were refreshingly familiar.”

After asking one supporter if it’s fair that Trump may be indicted this week, the supporter replied: “I don’t know all the specific facts, but I do know he’s my president.” They added that Joe Biden is a “scam” and is “allegedly there” as president.

When Klepper pressed the supporter to admit that Biden is indeed the current president and Trump is a former president, he replied “that’s what some say.”

Another supporter said they “don’t feel Trump should be in trouble.”

“That’s unconstitutional, I feel, to indict our president.” they added. “Everything’s political.”

Klepper pointed out that Michael Cohen served jail time for the same exact charge that Trump is facing, to which the supporter responded: ‘Disloyalty! If it ain’t loyalty, it’s nothing.”

Klepper proceeded to question how loyalty was a big issue for the supporter when the case is about how Trump cheated on Melania with Stormy Daniels.

“Listen, we men!,” the supported replied.

Watch the full segment in the video above.