‘The Daily Show’ Host Leslie Jones Wonders if George Santos Was Planted to Distract From ‘Other Evil’ Politicians (Video)

“Anybody got any eyes on Marjorie Taylor Greene? What’s up with that bitch?” Jones asked

As more and more lies from newly elected congressman George Santos continue to be revealed, Leslie Jones has a new theory. On Wednesday night, the guest host of “The Daily Show” wondered if maybe Santos was planted in Congress as a way to keep people distracted from the “other evil people” there.

As Jones got into her segment on Santos, she first marveled at his current infamy. More than anything, she couldn’t get over the fact that Santos is now known prominently as a pathological liar, especially considering most politicians lie to begin with.

“Do you know how much you have to lie to be known as ‘the lying congressman?’” Jones mocked. “I mean, all these motherf—ers do is lie, all day! But when you ask them who is the liar, they’re like ‘This guy.’”

Jones then shredded Santos for the latest apparent lie that’s been exposed, which involves him stealing money from an animal — which belonged to a disabled, homeless veteran.

On Wednesday, it was reported that two New Jersey veterans are saying that Santos promised to raise money for a surgery for one of their service dogs, who was dying from a tumor. According to the men, the GoFundMe set up by Santos ended up raising $3,000, but Santos became uncooperative, and eventually disappeared altogether with the money.

“Oh my god. You evil and stupid,” Jones said Wednesday. “You gonna mess with somebody’s dog? Have you not heard of John Wick?”

Putting together all the pieces though, Jones offered her new hypothesis.

“This guy is so evil, I wonder if they put him in there on purpose so I can’t pay attention to the other evil people,” she said. “Anybody got any eyes on Marjorie Taylor Greene? What’s up with that bitch? What is that bitch up to?”

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.