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‘Daily Show’ Segment Rendered Moot by Arizona Veto (Video)

Arizona governor vetoes law after Jon Stewart tapes show, but before it airs

Jon Stewart has probably never been so happy to have one of his segments rendered moot.

Wednesday afternoon, Stewart dedicated much of its “Daily Show” opening to a bill passed by the Arizona legislature allowing business to deny service to gays based on their religious beliefs.

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But by the time “The Daily Show” aired at 11 p.m., Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer had vetoed the legislation, responding to people who said it was intolerant, bad for business, and could even cost Arizona the Super Bowl.

“This is where you are now, Arizona: You’ve made yourself too homophobic and dickish for professional football,” Stewart said.

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He said the state was “on a little bit of a roll,” pointing to recent legislation allowing police to ask people for their documentation, letting doctors deny information to pregnant women, and making it harder to vote.

“You are lucky you’re warm, and that you appear to have the perfect climate for golf and people with asthma,” he said, addressing Arizona itself. “Because if you had your attitude and Seattle’s weather, you would be the world’s largest used condom and nuclear waste dump.”

Stewart noted that Brewer was still deciding, at the time of the segment’s taping, whether to video the legislation. He said she was “bi-curious about this bill.”

Watch the video: