‘Daisy Jones’ Cast Gets Embarrassed Gassing Up Their Musical Skills: ‘We Cannot Talk About Singing in Front of Kelly Clarkson!’ (Video)

Stars Riley Keough, Suki Waterhouse and Camila Morrone join the “American Idol” icon Friday

Kelly Clarkson may be one of the most personable and welcoming hosts on TV, but that didn’t stop “Daisy Jones and the Six” stars Riley Keough, Suki Waterhouse and Camila Morrone from shyly clamming up and downplaying their musical skills when speaking with the Grammy-winning singer.

“We cannot talk about singing in front of Kelly Clarkson!” Marrone said when Keough tried complimenting her voice.

The segment began with Clarkson asking Keough and Waterhouse about going to “band camp” to prepare for the 1970s-set drama series charting the rise and fall of a fictional rock band.

“We really enjoyed it, but we worked really hard,” Keough said of the training ground. “A lot of us had never done the things we were doing on this show. I had never sang, I had never played guitar. Suki hadn’t played – you hadn’t played the keys. The other band members had either never played their instruments or they hadn’t in awhile. We spent a lot of time in that room together.”

“Do you do it now? Do you play outside of it?” Clarkson asked.

“I definitely feel more confident singing now,” Keough said. “So, my husband sings, for example – I’ll sing with him more than I would have before.” The actress, who stars as Daisy, added that the only songs she really knows on the guitar are “Daisy Jones” songs.

That’s when Marrone jumped in.

“She’s being humble,” she said. “She’s got, like, one of the better voice I’ve ever heard in my life. She belts in this show.”

“Stunning voice,” Waterhouse echoed. “And you have a great voice as well!”

Keough agreed, holding Marrone’s hand then turning to Clarkson to gas her up. “By the way, she’s got a beautiful voice.”

Marrone turned into a bit of a puddle.

“First of all! You guys! We’re with, like, Kelly Clarkson, this is so – we cannot talk about singing in front of Kelly Clarkson!”

But Clarkson was having a great time: “This is where you talk about it, I’m a singer, I love it.”

It was then Keough’s turn to get embarrassed; Marrone compared her voice and performance as Daisy to Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin and Joni Mitchell.

“That is way overselling it!” responded Keough, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley.

Watch the full “Kelly Clarkson Show” clip in the video above.