Daniel Kaluuya Reveals the Secret to His Iconic Sunken Place Scene in ‘Get Out’ (Video)

The “Nope” star appeared on “Hot Ones” to run the gauntlet of the wings of death

“Nope” star Daniel Kaluuya revealed the secret to the iconic sunken place scene in “Get Out” during his appearance on “Hot Ones.”

On the 10th and spiciest wing, “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans asked Kaluuya about the filming of that scene.

“Jordan Peele tells this story about how you secured your role in ‘Get Out’ by nailing the sunken place scene five takes in a row where you had a tear fall at the exact same time in  each take,” Evans said. “So under these bizarre circumstances, I’m curious from your perspective, what is the key to crying on camera and do you think that hot sauce can be a performance enhancer for an actor?”

Kaluuya said yes, hot sauce could come in handy for crying.

“I very see now,” he said after laughing ,or maybe gasping for air, after eating the 10th wing. “If you need tears, don’t use menthol, use Psycho hot sauce.”

Kaluuya then addressed Peele’s story about the scene from the 2017 film and how he achieved it.

“You tap into, it’s like Stanislavski,” he said of the Russian acting method. “Sometimes you do emotional memory. For me it’s color. When it’s a mad situation, I remember the color I was wearing. The color would trigger me.”

“A lot of times is like, what else are you gonna do?” If you feel for the character and you feel for the other person you’re really present in the scene, you’ve got A-B-C. That’s C,” Kaluuya continued. “So it’s not a performance. It’s just an actuality. It’s like ‘Boom, A, B C,’ That’s the end of the sentence. That’s a full stop. But, when you have to do half takes where you have to be in the middle of it, that’s when it’s quite difficult. That’s when you have assistance. That’s when hot sauce could come in.”

Kaluuya’s next project “Nope” comes to theaters July 22.