Netflix’s ‘Beckham’ Surged in Initial Demand, but May Be Hurt by the Binge Model | Charts

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The four-episode docuseries saw its popularity wane quickly in contrast to traditionally released docs like “The Last Dance”


In recent years, streaming platforms — particularly Netflix — have seen a rising demand for niche content, and sports documentaries stand out as they captivate audiences with tales of athletic feats, controversies, determination and the personal journeys of renowned athletes.

Netflix’s latest sports documentary is “Beckham,” a docuseries that dives into the life of English football icon David Beckham. It spotlights his career trajectory, challenges, personal relationships, and his rise to celebrity status. In Beckham’s native UK, the documentary has been particularly well-received. Parrot Analytics data shows that in its debut week, “Beckham” became the UK’s most in-demand documentary released on a streaming platform, boasting demand levels 10.3


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