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‘Deadpool 2’ Short: Wade Wilson Fails to Save Mugging Victim (Video)

The scene shown before screenings of ”Logan“ makes its way online

If you’ve ever wanted to see a Marvel character tell the legendary face of the company to shut up, here’s your chance! Ryan Reynolds has posted the “Deadpool 2” short shown in front of “Logan” screenings online. And in it, the Merc with the Mouth tells Stan Lee to “shut up!”

Watch it above.

The clip sees Deadpool happen upon a mugging, vow “not on my watch!” and bolt to a nearby phone booth to change into his uniform, Superman-style. Cue the iconic John Williams score from the classic 1978 Christopher Reeve movie, while Deadpool struggles to climb into his skin-tight red uniform which, apparently, has his sword scabbards built-in. This is why Clark Kent wears his Superman uniform under his business suit, by the way. Sadly, the costume change takes so long that the mugging victim ends up dead. Oops.

As TheWrap exclusively reported, the scene was shot sometime in December and, according to a person close to the production, could have ended up as a post-credits stinger. “Logan” director James Mangold denied it at the time and, as it turns out, he wasn’t fooling — instead of appearing as part of “Logan,” the scene has been shown to moviegoers before that film actually begins.

So, the “Deadpool 2” short technically isn’t a part of “Logan,” but it still ends up providing fans out to see Hugh Jackman’s final (for now) appearance as Wolverine with a longstanding Marvel movie tradition — a goofy cameo by X-Men (and numerous others) co-creator Stan Lee. And it pulls off the neat trick of doing so without derailing Mangold’s dark, dramatic vision for “Logan.”