‘Defiance’ Star Julie Benz on ‘Friends’ Romance Parallel: ‘We’re the Ross and Rachel of the Sci-Fi World’ (Video)

“I feel how you look right now,” Benz jokes to TheWrap’s Zombie Greg Gilman in reference to her rough night

Julie Benz went from town mayor to brothel madame in less than two seasons on “Defiance,” but she assures TheWrap that better days are ahead for her character Amanda Rosewater. Eventually.

“Up to now we’ve been seeing the slow unraveling of Amanda,” Benz said. “She’s addicted to drugs. She’s having a hard time keeping her act together. She gets manipulated a lot — the poor girl. But she does start to pull herself together a bit.”

Benz visited TheWrap’s Comic-Con video lounge at the “Walking Dead Escape” in Petco Park Saturday, but her hit SyFy show wasn’t the only thing on her mind.

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“I feel how you look right now,” Benz told TheWrap’s Zombie Greg Gilman, referring to the long night she had just endured.

The topic of conversation quickly turned to how her character’s on-again, off-again relationship with lawman Joshua Nolan (played by Grant Bowler) so closely parallels that of Ross and Rachel on “Friends.”

“We are off, Amanda and Nolan are off. For now.” she said, but admitted their flames would never really go out. “We’re the Ross and Rachel of the sci-fi world… ‘We were on a break!'”

Benz admitted she wants to try her hand at a more comedy at some point in her future, but she’s also appreciative of the character she plays on SyFy.

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“I love working on SyFy. They write amazing women,” Benz said. “The female characters [on Defiance] are extremely strong. Very dynamic, extremely complex. The genre allows you to do that. and It’s really awesome to be a part of it.”

A new episode of “Defiance” airs Thursday on SyFy at 9:00 p.m.