Democratic Congressman Says Hunter Biden Is Hurting Joe’s ‘Image,’ Encourages Primary Challengers (Video)

“Enter the primary my friends,” Rep. Dean Phillips says on “Meet The Press,” “we need you now”

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) told “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd that he is in favor of a Democratic primary challenger to President Joe Biden.

Todd asked the congressman if the Hunter Biden investigation impacts the re-electability of the Biden administration, to which Phillips replied “I don’t think the President is corrupt.”

However, Phillips does worry that the investigation will have an effect on Biden’s “image.” 

“But wouldn’t this happen to any Democratic nominee?” questioned Todd. 

“It probably will,” said Phillips, “And it saddens me.” 

“The people are sick and tired of this nonsense,” continued the congressman. “We have a duopoly we have a political industrial complex, that if they agree on anything, it’s the status quo.”

Phillips noted that while he takes umbrage with former President Donald Trump, he does not take issue with “Trumpers, who are trying to find somebody to change the system.”

When asked by Todd what Biden can do to “reassure you he is up to a second term?” Phillips replied, “I’m not saying he’s not up to a second term.”

“What I’m saying is look at the data,” said Phillips, talking about Biden’s polling numbers. “The data is speaking the truth right now. And if nobody’s willing to talk about it before it’s too late. That’s the key.”

Todd noted that throughout American history, incumbent presidents who have been primaried by their own party have lost the White House. 

“But why were they primaried?” questions Phillips. “Because people recognize they were weakened. The country was ready to turn the page.”

“I will do nothing to ensure that Donald Trump is reelected,” continued the Congressman. “But Chuck it’s really important that people know this. I’m doing just the opposite.”

“And if people aren’t willing, willing right now to have that conversation, to have the discussion, and most importantly, to present some alternatives, how in the world are we going to look at these numbers and say everything’s okay,” said Phillips. 

The congressman said that “hopes,” “dreams,” and “prayers,” “sure as heck won’t change the numbers that I’m seeing right now.” 

Phillips referenced Joe Manchin and Cornell West, saying he wants anyone to run against Biden. “That’s why we have primaries because that doesn’t undermine the likelihood of returning in this case a Democrat to the White House,” said Phillips. 

“Enter the primary my friends,” concluded Phillips. ”Meet the moment don’t wait five years. We need you now.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.