Derek Jeter’s Hollywood Ending at Yankee Stadium Excites Celebrities

Jeter’s walk-off single in his final home game is a win for the Yankees and a storybook ending to a legendary career at Yankee Stadium

It was a huge night in the Bronx as Derek Jeter stepped onto the field in Yankee Stadium for his final home game. This has been his retirement year, and with the team eliminated from playoff contention, there was no mystery when he’d have to say farewell to his home turf as a professional ball player.

All eyes were on New York as they took on the Baltimore Orioles, and the fates convened to set up a storybook ending that most people would roll their eyes at were this a Hollywood baseball movie.

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It was the bottom of the ninth inning with the game all tied up, and Jeter was at the plate. This was it. His final home game as a Yankee after 20 years in the pinstripes. You couldn’t write a better script.

Okay, maybe Hollywood would have given Jeter a walk-off home run for his final appearance at Yankee Stadium, but a walk-off single is just as good. The game was won and Jeter got lifted into the arms of his teammates as a hero.

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Celebrities and fans alike were tuned into the action, and couldn’t believe what was unfolding before them as Jeter stepped up to the plate and blasted his way into the history books.

Below are some of the best celebrity Tweets written as the action unfolded. Perhaps some of them were even thinking that a career with a Hollywood ending like this maybe deserves a Hollywood story to go with it.