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Devin Nunes’ Cow Twitter Account Celebrates Congressman’s Resignation: ‘Anybody Up for an Epic Party?’

The parody account couldn’t be happier that the California representative he has put himself out to pasture

Devin Nunes’ Cow, the Twitter account that the Congressman unsuccessfully attempted to sue in 2019, is among those celebrating his departure from politics to serve as CEO of Donald Trump’s new media company.

“Anybody up for an epic party?” the account tweeted shortly after the news broke on Monday. “#DevinNunesIsAnIdiot.”

The message was followed by a meme of Nunes grimacing with the caption “Awarded for bravery inthe face of hositle internet cows.”

The party didnā€™t stop there. The Cow then shared an excerpt of a document detailing the SECā€™s new investigationĀ into Digital World Acquisition Company, the SPAC that Trump’s company intends to merge with in order to go public.

“It is a good idea to quit your job and work for a company under SEC investigation? Asking for a #TreasonousCowpoke,” @DevinCow wrote.

The account also retweeted several posts by other supporters of Nunes’ resignation from Congress, including one that read, “To retire from a job, don’t you have to actually do the job first?”

There’s little love lost between Devin Nunes and his fictional cow. In 2019, the California Republican unsuccessfully tried to sue Twitter for posts by a Republican strategist and the owners of @DevinCow and a parody account under the name of Nunes’ mother.

The $250 million in the defamation suit was dismissed in June 2020, when a Virginia judge ruled that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a federal law protecting social media companies from user-generated content, gave Twitter immunity.

Lest anyone forget about the Cow’s legal victory, the account also retweeted a shoutout it received for having taken on “Devin Nunes and won and now have the last laugh as Nunes leaves Congress in disgrace to work for a media company already under investigation.”