Director Slams James Corden as the ‘Most Difficult and Obnoxious Presenter I’ve Ever Worked With’

“I hope I never, ever work with you again,” Craig Duncan says to the outgoing host of “The Late Late Show”

Craig Duncan, James Corden
Craig Duncan (YouTube), James Corden (CBS)

British director Craig Duncan, who worked with James Corden 10 years ago, said in a YouTube video earlier this week that the soon-to-exit host of CBS’ “The Late Late Show” is “the most difficult and obnoxious presenter I’ve ever worked with.”

He recalled that before he took the 2013 gig on Corden’s sports comedy show “A League of Their Own,” producers asked him, “How are you working with difficult presenters?”

On the day of shooting, Duncan said that Corden grew impatient and shouted at him, “It’s obvious what you do. You put a camera there, you put a camera there. It’s so obvious how you shoot it. You’re stupid.”

Duncan told Fox Digital News that he’s glad he no longer works in TV. “I’m very happy to relay my experiences with [celebrities], especially now the TV industry holds less power over us. The industry needs to change.”

The director signed off his video with the message, “Cheers, James. You got your way, well done. I hope I never, ever work with you again.”

Duncan’s critique of the “Into the Woods” star comes after Spice Girl Mel B. called Corden “one of the biggest d—heds in showbiz,” adding that despite his congenial on-air personality, “he isn’t very nice.”

New York restaurant manager Keith McNally also made headlines last year when he revealed he’d banned Corden from Balthazar in Soho, referring to the host as “the most abusive customer to [his] servers since the restaurant opened 25 years ago.” After a back and forth in the press in which Corden apologized, McNally reversed the ban.

Corden’s last episode of “The Late Late Show” will be on April 27. He’s hosted the CBS talk show since 2015, while also appearing in films including “The Prom” and the Camila Cabello “Cinderella” movie.

Reps for Corden did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.