Why Bob Iger Won’t Sell Disney’s Linear Assets | Exclusive

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As Netflix tells the industry that M&A cannot save broadcast TV, Disney’s embattled CEO is still resisting a sale

Disney CEO Bob Iger (TheWrap/Chris Smith)

In July, Disney CEO Bob Iger brought back former longtime Disney executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs to advise him on what to do with Disney’s linear assets, which include ABC, ESPN, National Geographic, FX and Freeform. 

Their unvarnished advice was to unload them — not urgently, but soon, two people knowledgeable with the company’s operations told TheWrap.

Since returning to Disney in 2022, the legendary corporate leader has faced anemic stock prices, creative doldrums and the worsening pressure from streaming, all problems advisers are telling him can be alleviated by selling off most of the entertainment giant’s linear TV assets.


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