The Disney+ and Hulu Combo App Beta Is Live: Pricing, Parental Controls and What You Need to Know

The offering’s beta launched on Wednesday, with an official rollout slated for March

Starting Wednesday, Disney+ and Hulu bundle subscribers in the U.S. can watch content from both streaming platforms in one place through the entertainment giant’s new combo app.

The combined app, which is available in beta form and will roll out officially in March, maintains the look of the Disney+ homepage, with Hulu featured as a tile alongside Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic as well as in the platform’s “hero carousel.” Users can also access Hulu content via the watchlist and search functions.

This “one-app experience” offers an extensive list of movies, TV series and originals that are currently on Hulu for playback within Disney+.

In addition to being able to select individual titles inside the Hulu Hub, users will be able to search for content from specific studios or networks. These include A&E, ABC, ABC News, Adult Swim, Andscape, Aniplex, BBC Studios, Cartoon Network, CBS, Discovery, Disney XD, Fox, Freeform, FX, FYI, HGTV, Hulu Originals, Lifetime, Lionsgate, LMN, Magnolia Pictures, Moonbug, MTV, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Saban Films, the Samuel Goldwyn Company, Searchlight Pictures, Showtime, Sony Pictures, The History Channel, TLC, TV Land, 20th Century Studios, Vertical and Warner Bros.

Does Hulu Work the Same in Disney+?

When users access the beta, it will notably have a few technical restrictions, such as the app not knowing where you may have left off on your favorite TV show. But by the time the combined app officially rolls out in March, subscribers are expected to have access to a more personalized experience and Hulu content will be fully integrated onto the Disney+ homepage, recommendations, sets and collections.

For subscribers who may have the ad-free version of Disney+ and ad-supported version of Hulu or vice-versa, the combined app will be able to differentiate whether to show users ads based on the content being watched inside the offering.

Users who use Hulu to watch linear programming such as “Abbott Elementary” next day will be able to continue to do so inside the combined app.

Parental Controls

For parents looking to protect their children from Hulu’s more mature content, Disney recommends creating separate profiles within their subscription and adjusting parental controls accordingly. Messaging via email, social media and in-app push notifications will be sent out with instructions on how subscribers can change their settings.

Will Standalone Hulu and Disney+ Still Exist?

Yes. Disney will continue to offer standalone versions of the platforms as well as its variety of bundle options — though the company is planning to upsell the combined app offering to standalone subscribers.

It anticipates that the combined app will increase discoverability for content and reduce subscriber churn, and that its value proposition may entice subscribers to switch to one of its bundle plans.

How Much Does the Combo App Cost?

The same as the bundle. There’s no extra charge.

Standalone Disney+ is currently available for $7.99 per month with ads and $13.99 per month without ads, while standalone Hulu is available for $7.99. per month with ads and $17.99 per month without ads.

Additionally, the Duo Basic bundle, which features ad-supported Disney+ and Hulu, and the Duo Premium bundle, which features ad-free Disney+ and Hulu, are available for $9.99 per month and $19.99 per month, respectively.


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