Does ‘Frozen 2’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Will your kids need to stick around to see more Anna, Elsa and Olaf after the credits roll?

does frozen 2 have a post-credits scene

“Frozen 2” has been out for more than a month, but it’s still going strong as we near the new year — not the most surprising development for the sequel to the biggest animated film of all time. It seems that Disney’s complete domination of the box office just cannot be stopped.

So Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven are all back in “Frozen 2” for this new adventure. The original “Frozen” was groundbreaking for how it reinvented the Disney princess template for the 21st Century, giving its two heroines a sense of real agency and establishing a strong relationship between two women that’s rarely seen on screen. And of course, the track “Let It Go” was so huge it became an instant Disney classic. Idina Menzel’s performance of the sweeping, Broadway-esque ballad even won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Whether “Frozen 2” can match the original with its songs, animation or humor for a new film is for the fans to debate, and the film is a box office smash with young audiences all the same. The question is whether your children will patiently be up for just a little bit more “Frozen” after the credits start to roll. So, should you stick around?

Yes, “Frozen 2” does have a brief post-credits scene at the end of the film. During the credits however, you’ll hear three alternate takes on some of the film’s original songs. First, we;ve got Panic! at the Disco performing one of Elsa’s big numbers, “Into the Unknown.” Next, Kacey Musgraves sings an acoustic version of “All Is Found,” which is initially heard at the very start of the film as performed by Evan Rachel Wood as a lullaby to the young Anna and Elsa. Finally, Weezer give their take on “Lost in the Woods,” the big, comedic rock ballad that Kristoff sings midway through the movie.

But on to that post-credits scene! And keep in mind, there are SPOILERS here for “Frozen 2” if you have yet to see the film. Olaf (Josh Gad) has a great gag during the movie where he rattles off a quick recap of how they got here. He pantomimes and acts out all the most famous moments from the first “Frozen,” all building up to the explanation of why Anna and Elsa are now exploring a hidden, enchanted forest outside of Arendelle.

During the post-credits scene however, he recaps the remaining events of the movie you just watched. He says he was right all along about his theory that “water has memory,” a recurring theme of the film, and he assures the audience that yes, he’s still alive. It’s a tragically sad moment when Olaf briefly melts away in one scene after Elsa becomes trapped in ice, but she uses her magic to revive him for a happy ending. “I live, and so do you,” Olaf says to the camera. The camera then cuts to a captive audience of the massive snow monster from the first film and hundreds of other baby snowmen all listening intently to Olaf’s story.

“Frozen 2” is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and Kirsten Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad all returned to the voice cast. The film’s newcomers are Evan Rachel Wood, Sterling K. Brown, Jason Segel, Martha Plimpton, Ciarán Hinds, Rachel Matthews and Alfred Molina. Critics have been somewhat more muted on the new “Frozen,” as the film has a 76 percent fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, compared to the original’s 90 percent.