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Does ‘The Invisible Man’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Does the new low-budget Universal Monsters flick tease future movies?

Coming in at a svelte $7 million, the budget for this new iteration of “The Invisible Man” is not much of a risk, in contrast to the megabudget of Tom Cruise’s “The Mummy.” As such “The Invisible Man” represents a major pivot for the Universal Monsters franchise, which Universal had tried to build the Dark Universe cinematic universe around. And it seems to have worked, with the film earning a 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a box office take that’s already made the film profitable.

So while there may not be any big monstrous team-ups on the way at this moment, it’s certainly more than conceivable that the success of “Invisible Man” will result in a sequel — and perhaps perhaps pave the way for another, less expensive attempt at a Dark Universe-esque franchise.

And, to be perfectly clear, “The Invisible Man” absolutely provides a setup for a sequel — I won’t get into those details right here, but after you watch the film you’ll know exactly what I mean by that. And that makes sense, because most movies are potential franchises, and a new film that’s a part of a century-old brand isn’t gonna be an exception to that.

So with that in mind, do you need to stick around once the credits roll at the end of “The Invisible Man” for any extra scenes? Does “The Invisible Man” have a mid-credits or post-credits scene?

While the end of the film certainly provides an opening for a sequel, Whannell’s film is not so presumptuous as to tease one after the credits. That is to say that “The Invisible Man” does not have a post-credits or mid-credits scene looking ahead or just to give us one last scary moment to savor. Once the credits begin, the actual “content” of the film has ended.

So while we always encourage moviegoers to stay for the credits just because it took a lot of work by a lot of people to bring your entertainment to life, you can relax knowing that if you have to leave the theater quickly you’re not missing any bonus scenes. When “The Invisible Man” is over, it’s just over.