Does ‘The Suicide Squad’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

James Gunn has put his stamp on the DCEU, but does his movie also tease what’s next?

The Suicide Squad 2021
Warner Bros.

DC Films latest entry, “The Suicide Squad,” is finally out, both theatrically and on HBO Max, and it very much impressed film critics — it’s DC Films’ highest rated movie to date on Rotten Tomatoes.

While Marvel has been doing post-credits scenes since it kicked off the MCU more than a decade ago, DC has been more spotty about the practice, but has been tossing in bonus scenes more often as of late. So, like an unlabeled box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get.

“The Suicide Squad” has one little bonus bit setting something up, but it’s not a movie.

From here, we’re going to get into the details of this post-credits scene. If you just came here for that answer, you can tune out now.

The scene involves John Cena’s Peacemaker character, who during the film got shot in the neck by one of Bloodsport’s smaller bullets after the two anti-heroes had a duel over Ratcatcher. It definitely looked like he died, and it seems impossible to imagine his body remained intact after Starro destroyed the Jotunheim facility. And yet here we are.

In the scene, two very annoyed Task Force X members from Amanda Waller’s circle, John Economos and Emilia Harcourt, arrive at the hospital where Peacemaker is recovering from his injuries — they were pretty bad, so he seems to be in a coma. Economos is annoyed he got put on Peacemaker duty as punishment for rebelling against Waller. When a nurse asks what their interest is in this guy, Harcourt says they need him to “save the f—ing world.”

This post-credits scene is obviously a setup for the upcoming “Peacemaker” show for HBO Max, which is set to premiere on HBO Max in January of 2022 and will consist of 8 episodes. Gunn also directed five episodes of the “Peacemaker” series.

“‘Peacemaker’ is an opportunity to delve into current world issues through the lens of this superhero/supervillain/and world’s biggest douchebag,” Gunn said. “I’m excited to expand ‘The Suicide Squad’ and bring this character from the DC film universe to the full breadth of a series. And of course, to be able to work again with John, Peter, and my friends at Warner Bros. is the icing on the cake.”

Cena seemed excited about having Gunn around a bit longer before he returns to Marvel for another “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie. “I am unbelievably excited to have the chance to team up with him again for ‘Peacemaker.’ We can’t wait for fans to see this.”

“James Gunn has the unique ability to create an expansive universe while also bringing to life the soul and wit of each character. We look forward to a deep dive into the world of ‘Peacemaker,’” Casey Bloys, chief content officer for HBO and HBO Max, said as well.


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