Trump Fumes About Vaccines, Calls Biden ‘Ungracious’ (Video)

During an appearance on Fox Business Network, the former president credited himself and his administration for “coming up with a vaccine”

Former president Donald Trump used one of his increasingly common interviews Thursday morning to rail against President Joe Biden, something that would be much easier for him to do if he were still allowed on Twitter.

As it is, Trump has been slowly reentering public life as best as he can without the aid of social media, occasionally calling into programs — like Thursday’s “Mornings With Maria” on Fox Business Network — to insult Biden and call his successor’s team “ungracious.”

“Mornings” host Maria Bartiromo, who broadcast live from the southern border Thursday, asked Trump, “You see how they’re blaming you on everything and they do not attribute the successes that you had to your administration. How do you feel about that?”

The one-term Republican president branded that “ridiculous.”

“Obviously, they’re very ungracious people. I did the vaccine. They like to take the vaccine, but even the fake news isn’t giving them credit for that. We did the vaccine, saved tens of millions of lives throughout the world by coming up with a vaccine. If I weren’t president… vaccine… you wouldn’t have a vaccine for five years. Three to five years would be the minimum. I got it done in less than nine months and that’s only because of me.”

Trump has been insisting that his administration is solely responsible for the vaccines — which have primarily rolled out for American distribution under Biden — since the final weeks of his own presidency. In November 2020, Trump claimed that his administration’s Operation Warp Speed enabled Pfizer to produce its vaccine. In fact, Pfizer did not take any federal money.

In January, the Biden administration said that the previous one had no vaccine distribution plan in place, As of this week, 98 million people in the United States — or nearly 30% of the population — have been fully vaccinated.


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