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Eddie Redmayne Reveals His Most Miscast Role

”I have no idea why they cast me,“ the actor says of one of his first big movie parts

Eddie Redmayne has one Oscar to his name and will bid for another tomorrow, but the British actor says he was laughably miscast in one of his early film roles.

In “The Other Boleyn Girl,” Redmayne said he wasn’t a natural fit for the “dashing and big and strong” character of William Stafford, the husband of Scarlett Johansson‘s Mary Boleyn.

“I don’t know how I got cast, but it was the opportunity to work with Scarlett and Natalie [Portman] and Mark [Rylance], so I definitely wasn’t going to say no,” he said in a video interview with W magazine. “Everyone was looking at me going, ‘Why did they cast him?” I have no idea! I have no idea why they cast me, but I’m just going to sit here with my hat on and my big outfit.”

The star of “The Danish Girl” is nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role as one of the world’s first sex-change patients, after winning the statue last year for his portrayal of physicist Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.”

In the interview, Redmayne also said his favorite love stories include the animated “Robin Hood” and “The Lion King” films.

“I was brought up on quite hardcore animal emotions,” he said.