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Edward Snowden Documentary ‘Citizenfour’s’ First Trailer Warns We’re Being Watched (Video)

The story of the NSA whistleblower unfolds in the film from Laura Poitras and Steven Soderbergh

Edward Snowden wants Americans to know we’re being watched in the first trailer from the documentary, “Citizenfour.”

It begins with the doc’s Oscar-nominated director Laura Poitras reading a message from Snowden.

It reads, “I am a senior government employee in the intelligence community. I hope you understand that contacting you was extremely high-risk.”

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Attached, she’d find a myriad of top-secret documents stolen by the NSA contractor in 2013. They would hold the evidence of deep and far-reaching government surveillance of American citizens.

Poitras has an ongoing relationship with Snowden, who began anonymously emailing her in January 2013, when she was working on a film about enhanced national security measures after 9/11. Identifying himself only as “citizen four,” he offered information on security abuses, which led to a series of on-camera interviews with Snowden in Hong Kong (where he fled after stealing the documents).

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Executive produced by Steven Soderbergh (“Ocean’s Eleven,” “Traffic”), the documentary has been billed as powerful and chilling.

Watch the 90-second trailer above.

“Citizenfour” debuted at the New York Film Festival on Friday. It will get a wide release on Friday, Oct. 24.