Ellen DeGeneres Bids Jay Leno Goodbye With Denim Snuggie (Video)

It’s time to start saying goodbye to the “Tonight Show” host

Jay Leno doesn’t leave the “Tonight Show” until February, but apparently it’s time to start saying goodbye: Ellen DeGeneres paid tribute to her old friend Wednesday by giving him a denim Snuggie.

The daytime host told the late night host he had played a big role in helping her succeed.

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“You were so supportive all the time,” DeGeneres said. “You always tried to help me in every way. Gave me great advice, gave me ideas with jokes and — actually, Jay is responsible for me being booked on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Johnny Carson, because you told the booker, Jim McCawley, to stay at the Improv and watch me. You said, ‘This girl’s great, you should see her… so thank you very much for everything you’ve done. You’re amazing. You’re a good guy.”

Then she gave him a special denim Snuggie he can wear while working on his cars, and recalled the time they kissed.

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Watch the video: