Ellen DeGeneres Spooks Jake Gyllenhaal With Prank, Priceless Reaction Ensues (Video)

The affable talk show host uses a real-life Annabelle doll to frighten the “Nightcrawler” actor

No one’s safe when they visit Ellen DeGeneres during Halloween season.

That includes actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who got the scare of his life when he made an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday.

Talking with Ellen about why he chose to lose weight for his role as Louis Bloom in his new film “Nightcrawler” — and the reasons why he likes to play dark characters — Ellen scared Jake with a real-life Annabelle doll that nearly knocked him out of his seat.

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“I just want you to do a comedy at some point because ‘Jarhead,’ ‘Prisoners,’ which was fantastic,” DeGeneres began. “Every movie, you’re just so intense. ‘End of Watch,’ ‘Enemy.’ What is it about the dark movies that you do …”

“I have this belief that if you kind of go into the dark sometimes it can be illuminating,” Gyllenhaal begins. “And I like those characters because they’re kind of fun to play, but I also think that there’s an opportunity…

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And then the Annabelle leaps up from behind Jake.

“Oh My God! What the f***? We’re done. Where’s that guy? Bring him back! Has he been in there every show I’ve come on?”

“Every show” DeGeneres responds.

“He was in there every show?”

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“Every show. We just waited for this one.”

“That was the first time I’ve been on in a decade. That guy’s been in there?”

“Yeah, waiting for you.”

Gyllenhaal also chatted with DeGeneres about why he chose to lose so much weight for his new role.

“So, you lost a lot of weight for that film, right?” DeGeneres begins.

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“Yeah, I lost 25 or 30 pounds. Why not, you know! Because the character, I felt like, was kind of like a coyote,” Gyllenhaal explains. “He’s in Southern California and there’s a lot of coyotes all over the place and I just thought of him like that and I talked to the director … there’s a big part of the movie that is in Los Angeles, ya know? It’s a huge character in the film. And I just thought of him as this hungry scavenging kind of animal and I just thought he needed to look like that.”

Watch the clip above to see Gyllenhaal’s priceless reaction.