Jake Gyllenhaal Descends Into Madness in New ‘Nightcrawler’ Trailer (Video)

Actor plays a journalist on edge in the Dan Gilroy written-directed film

Jake Gyllenhaal films murder and mayhem until it finally catches up with him in the new trailer for “Nightcrawler.”

“I’m Louis Bloom,” he tells us with a smile. “I film breaking news.”

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He sneaks from one crime scene to the next, filming everything in his path. His smile soon fades, but the camera rarely leaves his hand.

And why should it? From flaming cars to bloody murders, writer-director Dan Gilroy gives his character plenty to shoot.

“Start filming — we want all of it!” Bloom yells.

We see the madness has taken its toll when Bloom, unable to look at his own face in a mirror, unleashes a terrifying scream. He pounds his fists on the glass in a rage.

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It’s a quick glimpse of a dark place few actors besides Gyllenhaal have attempted to reach.

“Nightcrawler” hits theaters Oct. 31.