Ellie Kemper and Pete Holmes Play ‘F—, Marry, Kill’ With Leonardo DiCaprio (Video)

Plus: Memories of learning improv from Jon Hamm

“The Office” star Ellie Kemper shared inside dirt about her early acting classes with Jon Hamm — and her classmates’ crushes on the “Mad Men” actor.

But that was only a prelude to talk of another screen idol, and a rollicking game of “F—, Marry, Kill” built around Leonardo DiCaprio.

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For it’s “Gabbin’ Like Gals,” segment, “The Pete Holmes Show” asked Kemper, star of Tina Fey’s new NBC sitcom, about which DiCaprio characters she would have sex with, marry, or murder. His “Django Unchained” character fares surprisingly well.

Along the way, Holmes, an underrated impersonator, Hamms it up with a pretty solid Don Draper.

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Watch the video: